30 by 30

This is my attempt to put out into the blogosphere my goals I hope to achieve by the (not-so-distant) time I turn 30. (yikes!) Here we go...

  1. Get married - I'll be knocking this baby off the list on June 1st!
  2. Develop a hobby I am passionate about/use as a creative outlet
  3. Go sky diving
  4. Travel to Paris
  5. Travel to Australia (a little ambitious, but Luke and I want to travel a ton in the 2 years after we get married)
  6. Have a baby (excuse my while I freak out a little...)
  7. Make our outdoor patio worthy of being featured in Better Homes and Garden magazine
  8. Host an amazing dinner party
  9. Finish/perfect the guest bedroom
  10. Learn to make sushi
  11. Travel to San Franciso (again) with Luke (first time) and go to Napa Valley
  12. Take a cooking class or cake decorating class
  13. Become involved in a volunteer organization
  14. Get my MBA
  15. Make French Macarons
  16. See an outdoor movie on the Boston Harbor Hotel
  17. Host a major holiday (I've done Easter... but I'm talking the big guys- Thanksgiving or Christmas. Bring it.)
  18. Become a Certified Cicerone
....i'll be adding more as I assess my goals!

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