Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Donut Crazy

I've gone donut crazy all up in here. Revisiting those Pumpkin Pecan Donuts the other day has totally got me thinking about other flavor ideas to try out. That shouldn't be a problem, I have about 800 baked donut recipes pinned on Pinterest. (My friend, Jenn, even called me out once for pinning an obscene amount of donut receipes late one night... I couldn't sleep!!)

The real problem is that I am getting married is less than 3 months and really shouldn't be giving into these donut fantasies.

Oh well!

I recently tried Rogue's newest Voodoo Doughnut series of Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Ale.

 I loved it. But I  mean, I'm going to love any beer that has all my favorite flavors going on and comes in a pink bottle.

I could really taste all the flavors-- the chocolate flavor from the malts and the banana flavor was just right, not too strong.

But this beer has got me thinking of all types of chocolate, peanut butter and banana donut possibilities..... stay tuned.

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  1. Um, that donut looks amazing and that beer sounds amazing! I'll gladly be a taste tester. :) I'm so excited to see you're blogging! I'm nominating you for a small blogger award- the Liebster award. Check out my post today for more details. Can't wait to see you responses! :) xoxo