Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For the love of beer

Did you know that the Pilgrims stopped at the Plymouth Rock rather than continuing on to Virginia because they ran out of beer?

So many styles.. so little time.

It's so important, an entirely new civilization was created due to a lack of it.

I can totally relate to this sort of love for beer. While I thoroughly enjoy it, and even work at a beer distributor, I’ve always wanted to further explore the different styles and history of beer. I thought starting this blog would be a fun way to try all the different beer styles and expand my beer knowledge (sure to be a grueling task).  Beers, especially the really heavy, dark beers can sometimes be intimidating, especially for the very devote Bud Light drinkers (I’m talking to you, Traci). 

I felt blogging about beer mixed in with my day to day life--whether it's paired with desserts or at a party I'm hosting-- would make it less daunting, while also highlighting the fact that beer is taken to a whooooole new amazing level when really, truly savored. {as all good things in life should be} So read on-- there are sure to be many delicious beers, sweet indulgences, run on sentences, ridiculous ramblings, and absolutely no misuses of there and their and your and you're (serious pet peeve of mine. your welcome.)

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