Monday, April 16, 2012

Bananas Foster Upside Down Cake & Pale Ale

My first beer and dessert pairing was Bananas Foster Cake and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.What a combination this was. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is an obvious first choice for my first beer tasting. It's an American Pale Ale and is a great "gateway" beer into the wide world of craft beers. Easy to drink and very enjoyable, it paired wonderfully with the bananas foster cake.


A light, buttery cake baked on top of bananas, toasted pecans and a hit of rum. I used this recipe, and it turned out better than I thought I was capable of.


thoroughly impressing myself.

I served this cake when my fiance's family came over for dinner. They all loved it, and it even tasted great a few days later, warmed up with some vanilla ice cream.

i couldn't help myself

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