Friday, August 17, 2012

Seared Sea Scallops with Prosecco Risotto

I've mentioned before, I love cooking for my future husband. Impressing him with my feats in the kitchen and his reactions makes it so worthwhile. I think he is pleasantly surprised with how my cooking stress level has lessened and my skill level has evolved. I used to freak out a little (ok a lot..) when trying to cook for Luke and got really stressed whenever he would try and help. I am now pretty carefree when it comes to experimenting in the kitchen and even let him help!

Another thing that has been evolving in our kitchen is Luke's eating habbits! He used to hate seafood, but litle by little has begun enjoying it more. He loves scallops, so I was not surprised when he requested scallops for dinner on what we now call Seafood Sunday.

I even felt ambitious enough to whip up a prosecco risotto to serve along with the scallops.
I found this recipe but ommitted the prosciutto garnish. The lemon zest on top was delicious and like the author of the blog, am in the prosecco-league so used that instead of champagne.

I was a little nervous to cook scallops, as I've hear searing them perfectly was a bit of a challenge. Several google searches later, I felt I had the technique down - (make sure they are completely dried and the pan is screaming hot!)

{Of course right as my scallops were perfectly prepped and my pan perfectly hot and was about to drop in the first scallop (in clock-wise order, to be able to perfectly flip them), our neighbor knocked on our door. I freaked out a little inside, then realized I was insane and took a quick break}

The meal came out so well and was even more enjoyable eaten outside with the leftover prosecco  - Luke even said it would cost $22 at a restaurant!

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