Monday, May 7, 2012

Cody Carrot Cake Porter

While at work the other day, I came across this Carrot Cake Porter from Cody Brewing Company in the system. I freaked- it was all over - I needed to try this beer. My love of carrot cake and porters took over and I was completely intrigued. After harassing asking a few people at work about how to get a bottle to try, my nice co-worker emailed a rep from the brewery who agreed to bring down a bottle for me. See?? Harassing just nicely asking always pays off!

Only 50 cases were released statewide, so I was happy to get my hands on one. I sampled the beer with Luke and my fellow adventurous-beer loving friend, Jamie. We all thought it was great! A dark color, we all noticed hints of cinnamon and chocolate. We all agreed it was reminiscent of a pumpkin ale, with notes carrot (of course) and spices. I also found out 60 pounds of carrots were used in each barrel!

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